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Bill Cheall - Dunkirk Beaches - WW2 Podcast 1, May 30, 1940

"We could see ships out at sea making their way from Dunkirk to England and could also see the dive-bombers after the ships. To our horror, many other ships had been sunk, their funnels and superstructures sticking out of the water - it was a ships' graveyard and it looked dreadful.

Bill Cheall's published memoirs, which depict his Dunkirk exploits and much more.

Bill Cheall surveys the dunes where he took shelter from the Stuka dive bombers over 50 years earlier.

Bill Cheall of 6th Battalion The Green Howards, 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division. Photo taken at Highcliffe near Bournemouth in the months after Bill's return from Dunkirk.

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Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg - Companion web site to the published book. Many stories and photos.

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"None of us could see any sign of our assembly area and nobody seemed to know what to do for the best. Then the planes came over again, causing more deaths. Only twenty yards from me some lads had been hit by shrapnel and one of them was in a serious condition - the medics were there - but he would not live.

With two pals after Dunkirk ww2 podcast Bill after 3 months, WW2 Bill at Highcliffe after Dunkirk WW2 podcast. Circa June 1940 Bray Dunes, Dunkirk at peace, WW2  podcast Bill Cheall surveys the dunes where the Green Howards sheltered from the Stukas

Left: Bill With two pals after Dunkirk - "We had been through a hard time". Right: Earlier, July 1939 in the territorial reserves.

Mentioned in the podcast:

Miracle of Dunkirk – Walter Lord - Great book, full of the action and exploits at sea, on the beaches and inland.


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