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The Bee - Dunkirk little ship story - WW2 Podcasts 11 and 20

In wartime ordinary men and women are asked to do extraordinary things. This is the story of the part some Isle of Wight British merchant sailors played in rescuing allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk – in Operation Dynamo. From a memoir written by ship's engineer, Fred Reynard.

Two episodes to choose from - 11 Abridged, 20 Complete - both different!

"We drove at full speed on to the shore and grounded; they came towards us, some wading almost to their necks in the water, and we realised that our efforts to assist them aboard with ropes and scrambling nets were futile."

Websites: - Loads of fascinating facts and photos - great to explore! Post a comment on the forum.


Isle of Wight memorials - A good website about the IOW at war, more about the little ships


Michael Wills is a writer of historical thrillers. If you’d like to know more please do take a look at

The Bee in Newport Harbour at low tide, after a repaint in 1961, Photo Roger Wills

The Bee at sunset, towing its pinnace astern

Isle of Wight, Google Maps

Fred Reynard proudly showing off his deserved medals

Newport Harbourmaster, Mr Wayne Pritchett, holding the Bee's bell and the brass plaque which all the little ships were awarded.

2 Isle of Man map 2, WW2 podcast

Bill Cheall's published memoirs, which depict his Dunkirk exploits and much more Click for more information.

Michael Wills, writer of historical thrillers. He has built an excellent, informative web site dedicated to the Isle of Wight wartime exploits at Many thanks to Mike for his kind assistance in providing material for the podcast. Bill Trowbridge, the Skipper of the Bee, was Mike's uncle.

Sergeant Reginald Toogood was a signaller and a professional soldier, then aged 28. Listen to the podcast to learn about his extraordinary rescue!

The Bee in Newport Harbour at low tide, after a repaint in 1961 - ww2 podcast, Photo Roger Wills Momentos of the Bee in the possession of the Newport Harbour Master, Mr Wayne Pritchett, WW2 diary podcast Bee at sunset WW2 diary podcast history Reginald Toogood rescued by Dunkirk litttle ship, podcast History WW2 Michael Wills author of historical thrillers.

"The Magnificent Three" of the Dunkirk heroes of the Bee. Fred Reynard, engineer, on the left - he wrote about their adventure. Bill Trowbridge, skipper, in the middle. Harry Downer, mate, on the right.   The young lad is Ernest (Muddy) Downer! The crane on the left still stands today on Newport Quay, Isle of Wight.  Marc Hocking, aged 18, as fourth hand, not present. You can just to say see a brass plaque awarded to all the little ships, on the wheelhouse, next to Bill's left shoulder, between the lifebelts - also see pic below explaining more.

“The officer told us the British Expeditionary Force was being driven into the sea and that our task was to lift as many off the beaches near Dunkirk as possible. ”

Fred Rayner proudly showing off his deserved medals. Dunkirk Little ship, , engineer. WW2 podcast history Map showing Dunkirk little ships locations for WW2 history podcast

If you’d like to know more about Michael Wills' books please do take a look at

Bill Trowbridge, Skipper of Dunkirk little ship the Bee.history

Bill Trowbridge, Skipper of Dunkirk little ship the Bee, in later years.

The valiant crew of the brave little Bee WW2 Dunkirk podcast and history Show transcript Episode 11 Fighting Through war book WW2 podcast. The Bee, Dunkirk  little ship WW2 History podcast

Great photo of the Bee - not such a little ship! Can you believe it could carry 375 soldiers including in the hold?

Bill Cheall's published memoirs cover his Dunkirk exploits and much more.

Fighting Through - Link to book page for war book

Miracle of Dunkirk – Walter Lord - Great book, full of the action and exploits at sea, on the beaches and inland.


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Isle of Wight at War - Adrian Searle

Nineteen weeks - America, Britain and the fateful summer of 1940 - Norman Moss

Short version but with all the back story

Full version

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