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The stories behind the story

Great, unpublished


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The Best of the First Five years  - Parts 1 and 2 - WW2 Podcast  18/19

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A bumper crop of highlights from previous episodes, and more. There are some staggeringly good tales to tell, about flying Lancasters, winning a military medal on D-Day, captaining a ship during Dunkirk and many more - all true and far more intriguing than any fiction.


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Bill Cheall's published memoirs, which depict his Dunkirk exploits and much more. Around £20 or less!

Fighting Through war book WW2 podcast.

Arthur Oxley's shell damaged cap badge from Battle of Wadi Akarit 6 April 1943.

Books mentioned in the show:

Synge – Story of the Green Howards 1939-45 Capt WAT Synge

GPS co-ordinates for Bray Dunes, France and other places of interest:


Bray Dunes -

Gold Beach -



Lion d'or hotel, Bayeux. - Just great - it's where the German officers stayed during the war.

Marefontaine battery.

Hinges communal Cemetery - rue de bethune GPS

Longueness (ST. OMER) souvenir cemetery (John Hewson buried here)  -,

Mont Fleury gun battery

Merville battery.

Pegasus bridge, Ranville

Longues sur mer gun battery


Demi Lune  hotel, Ypres - recommended

Somme Thiepval monument,

Arthur Oxley's destroyed WW2 badge sepia1 Twins - The poignant first meeting of son with father's 1936 Morris Ten Sgt BJ Moss 1943 war diary podcast Wilf Shaw podcast about ww2 Major Petch, my company commander at Dunkirk Capt Tom Woods C 1940 WW2 history podcast Young Claude ww2 lancaster veteran podcast Don Savage - Bill's best pal - Rear Gunner in Lancaster ww2

An International Podcast Day special

Wilf recalls both tragic and funny  WWII stories Link to Apple Podcasts or iTunes

Extras! Bloopers! Best of!

Twins! Paul Cheall proudly strikes the same pose as his Dad did aged 19 in 1936 in his prized Morris 10! 3 years before WWII started.