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Angus Wallace interviews Paul Cheall - Podcast Episode 21

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Angus Wallace is the host of The WW2 Podcast and he interviews Paul Cheall about his Dad’s memoirs, Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg, published by Pen and Sword.


Angus’s show is about chats with people who’ve had books published on military history and it covers a wide range of subjects ranging from tanks to Lancasters, Brits to Americans, and Dunkirk to the Desert - so there’s something to interest everyone.


He asks Paul all sorts of questions about his Dad and his memoirs. If you subscribe to The WW2 podcast you may have already heard this interview before.

Bill Cheall's published memoirs, which depict his Dunkirk exploits and much more. Around £20 or less!

Fighting Through war book WWII podcast.

Angus Wallace, host of The WW2 podcast

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