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Episodes 36/37 – Captain Stanley Perry, Tank Commander - WW2 podcast

I’m Paul Cheall, son of Bill Cheall whose WW2 memoirs have been published by Pen and Sword – in FTFDTH.

My dad fought at Dunkirk, North Africa Sicily D-day and Germany.

The aim of the Fighting Through Podcast is to give you the stories behind the story. You’ll hear memoirs and memories of veterans connected to Dad’s war in some way – and much more.


Captain Stanley Perry, who introduced today’s episode, had a very eventful world war two.

I travelled from Norfolk to his home near Grimsby in England for cake, coffee and accounts of combat which at times left me breathless.

Stan was in British Tank regiment the Sherwood Rangers and saw a lot of action in Normandy and beyond and ended his service running a POW camp near Ketteringham in England.




According to Wikipedia The Sherwood rangers played a very active role in ww2. They took part in the defence of both Tobruk and Benghazi as well as the battle for Crete.

The Regiment served in most of the major Eighth Army tank battles in North Africa, including El Alamein and the Tunisia Campaign, which of course was one of Dad’s battles – the battle of Wadi Akarit. WW2 podcast


The Sherwoods landed in France on D-Day and were in the thick of the fighting in Normandy and on the advance across northern France and Belgium.


The recce troop was the first British unit to fight on German soil in September 1944, fighting in Operation Market Garden, and they later took part in the Western Allied invasion of Germany.


The Sherwood Rangers were involved in further hard fighting around the Rhine and they’d pushed onto Bremen and beyond by the end of the war.


So, Stanley belonged to a very distinguished outfit in the Sherwood rangers and we’re now going to hear about his many adventures.


Firstly I’d like to share with you the great news that I’m number 95 in the Itunes History podcast charts for UK and Northern Ireland. Thank you so much for listening, no matter where you are in the world.

If this is your first time joining me, firstly  welcome and I suggest you take a look at some point at Fighting Through because on my brand new home page you’ll find full episode listings together with convenient links to help you find the show in your favourite podcast player.

Right now Episode 1 Dunkirk is the most popular episode of the show and it’s a great place to start and join other listeners. Will my Dad get off the Dunkirk beaches in one piece?

So - The interview starts NOW - somewhere in the middle, because as soon as I sat down with Stan I was admiring a photograph of his with a bullet hole through it …


Having listened back to this meeting, I’ve made notes of all sorts of things I wish I’d asked Stan but sadly there wasn’t time. But if you have any fu for him in the event of a second meeting, do get in touch.

To Stan’s daughter Kathy, I must offer my thanks for your patient help in arranging this session. Really appreciated Kathy. And my complements on the currant cake!

For now, I want to finish by formally thanking Stan, himself.

Captain Stanley Perry of the Sherwood Rangers, you have entertained and enthralled us for well over three solid hours.

How good was that?!


Next WW2 WWII podcast episode

You know I’ve been so busy getting these last two episodes prepared that I’ve scarcely had time to even think about the next episode. But I know I’ve got good material for any of several.

For now, thank you so much for listening. Please do hear me next time.



History of the Sherwood Rangers - T M Lindsay

Tank crew and friend – Michael Brittan, Britain

An Englishman at War – Stanley Christopherson

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36/37/39 An interview with Captain Stanley Perry, Tank Commander, WW2

"I once had to shoot an enemy at three yards"

Podcast show notes WWII

(Please note: Not a complete interview transcription)

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"My gunner suddenly shot one. I said, 'Christ what have you done? Geneva Convention - they're prisoners of war!'"

Capt Stanley Perry was in the British tank regiment the Sherwood Rangers and saw a lot of action in Normandy and Germany. He survived battles, bombs and booby traps to tell of his amazing exploits some 75 years later!

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