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39 Stan Perry Listener Feedback and Quiz

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A bonus episode with listener feedback on the Capt Stan Perry interviews, episodes 37-38 plus end of year WW2 quiz!

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Recent feedback:

"Thanks so much for the wonderful podcasts! I've been a voracious reader of WWII history since I was very young. I happened upon one of your podcasts and am now completely hooked. I've made it through almost all of the episodes in the last two weeks. Wonderful stuff!


I've included a photo of my dad, Sam Ferguson, who passed away last year. He joined the US Navy at 17 years of age and served aboard the US destroyer escort DE-5 (Evarts) on several North Atlantic convoys to the Mediterranean in 1944-45.


Keep up the great work. Looking forward to many more fantastic episodes. I actually look forward to my daily drive now!" Chris Ferguson, Memphis, Tennessee


Sam Ferguson, who passed away last year. Served in the US Navy 1944-45 inn WWII.

Sam Ferguson US Navy 1944-45 - WWII podcast Warriors in their Own Words podcast Sherwood Rangers Facebook page

Sam Ferguson, who passed away last year. Served in the US Navy 1944-45 WWII.