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A privileged opportunity to hear 95 year old Flight Sergeant Claude Reynolds' WW2 memories, sometimes frightening, often fascinating, frequently funny!

Claude had the unenviable role of being rear gunner in a Lancaster during the 2nd world war and flew many sorties all over Europe. And he experienced no end of scary moments during his time as a member of 49 Squadron in the much-regaled No 5 Group Bomber Command. So he’s got plenty of stories to tell.

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Bill Cheall's published memoirs, which depict his Dunkirk exploits and much more Click for more information.

"The first five and the last five missions were the worst"

The Officer walked forward ten yards then stopped and turned round to face me.

"Why didn't you stop me and challenge me?" he demanded!

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Websites: - Companion web site to the published book. Many stories and photos.

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"The ice was cracking off the wings"