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"Excellent podcast. I started listening last week and I cannot wait for new ones to come out. So far, every single podcast has read like battle narrative, filled with history. First-hand, small-unit accounts of individual struggles as well as the bigger battle around them. Very interesting and well done. Five stars!"  Sturmcat

"I really enjoy this podcast! I've been studying WW II history since I was very young, especially since my Dad fought in the Royal Navy. I find this very enlightening and informative. Excellent and interesting!"   MnWreckingCrew

5 stars ww2 podcast rating

Dear Paul, I wanted to write to say thank you to your father and his comrades who fought in the War.  I found the podcast on iTunes and it is stunning.  I am listening to it now with tears in my eyes.  Your father’s story has brought history alive and your reading of his diaries is a wonderful tribute to him.  The young boys were so brave. Thank you, Victoria P - Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

For some time now I've wanted to let you know just how much I have enjoyed listening to your excellent podcasts. The stuff about your dad and his comrades and contemporaries has really made me think of how would I have coped being put in the life and death situations he went through..... you have helped me to realise just what a huge debt of gratitude we all owe to your dad's generation..... just ordinary people doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times. Andy L

I have to tell how much I appreciated the podcasts. My eyes are quite poor so I don't read but you have read the stories of your father and his fellow soldiers wonderfully well. Thank you very much. My father was in the war as well (American) and I wish I had recounts of the events of that day from his eyes and ears.     Well done... John S

I just wanted to say I listened to the Dunkirk podcast the other week and it was absolutely fantastic. We're going to visit some relatives in Belgium in June and will be going via the tunnel, so I'm hoping to influence the driver to stop at Dunkirk and pay some respects. The podcast brought Dynamo to life - thank you. Mark P

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