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Great, unpublished


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Great podcast!

in Apple Podcasts by $$$ok$$$ from United States of America on February 4, 2020


There are plenty of military history podcasts but this one hits the spot. The stories put you right along side of the soldier throughout their struggles. Although we can never know the pain, discomfort and smells of war, this podcast gets you as close as possible to the front lines. Most history seems like Cliffs’ [study] notes on the popular stories. I appreciate the insights and the knowledge. And why is it that the British seem so casual about sacrifice in war? Maybe not casual ... stoic!! As long as they have a cup of tea first then it’s a good day to die. I thought I knew they preferred not to! I absolutely love it! We Americans are a bit more dramatic about it to be sure! Please continue to put out more podcasts whenever possible. History is a precious thing.


“Truly Amazing

in Apple Podcasts by Porkydanjou from United Kingdom on January 6, 2020

This is truly one of the most amazing, informative and fascinating collections of accounts and stories from both World Wars. I cannot stop listening. Please keep it going - really impressive stuff.


“What an awesome podcast” Gwrtheyrn  

Informative, funny, sad, tragic, heartwarming, historical. Currently hooked on this podcast and hope you continue creating them. These podcasts are great company on my daily commute.  The extracts from the book are great and then the intertwining of other’s stories and the words of actual veterans is amazing. Can’t get enough of it.

Gwrtheyrn via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·11/28/2019



I just wanted to reach out quickly and say thank you so much for creating this podcast and continuing it for so long! I just started it last week, (behind the ball it seems!) so I'm on episode six or seven, part two of Sgt. Douglas Gray. This is really just fantastic to listen to, I can't hardly wait each morning after I drop my son off at daycare to listen on my hour drive to work! I try to read and listen to as much as I can about this time in history, it is fascinating.


One thing that really stuck out to me, was Wilf. He sounded incredibly similar to my grandpa who passed away last year in May. He also fought in Western Europe and it made me slightly emotional hearing his stories, but with a bit of a comical tune, just how my grandpa would. He would also say he wasn't sure if it was worth it, but we had many talks about that. I was saddened last night reading through the posts on the website, seeing that Wilf had passed just a couple months before my own grandpa. What a character! I've always been fascinated by the folks of that generation, telling you about the heartache like it was just another day.  Unbelievable.


I am so grateful you are sharing these stories of the Greatest Generation. Their voices are quickly becoming only memories and it is a wonderful tribute and honor to them to have their words shared. I cannot wait to listen to more. Thank you so much for your work!

Sincerely and all the best,

TF, Maryland, USA


Top notch first person accounts!

Perhaps the best series of first person accounts of WWI/II I’ve run across. Well narrated fascinating experiences of both the mundane and murderous aspects of these conflicts focusing on the British Green Howards, the narrator’s dad’s unit. Try it- you’ll like it and you’ll hear amazing chapters...

V7i7c via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/01/19


Makes me miss my dad

Listening to these old gents remind me of the stories my dad would tell about his time in the US Air Force. Fortunately, for him, he served between Korea and Vietnam. He was an aircraft mechanic. Well done, sir. Rob Pinnick

TIK TOK CAN GO TO HELL via Apple Podcasts · United States of America


To the veterans

I love the veteran and God bless America and British men and their families

joynors via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/14/19


A great podcast!  Apple Podcasts by SPeGGeT LoVR from United Kingdom on November 12, 2019

A great podcast, if you have any interest in the period it’s a must. Keep up the fascinating and respectful work. I recently found the German perspective episodes gripping to say the least. With my gratitude Craig


German Eyes Week 47

Apple Podccsts by Sailorboy95 from United Kingdom on November 12, 2019

I really enjoyed this episode, it was long one but enthralling and flew by. Well done and highly recommended. Cheers


Kaylan Wade - Facebook

I have been listening to your podcast via spotify for the past week and its been a boon for helping me get through the workday. Being an American, we rarely hear many first-hand accounts of the british perspective of the war. Certainly not in a format that's as accessible as your podcast. I am on Podcast 6 so far, and i just wanted to encourage you to continue on. I am loving every bit!


Darren Cullis Facebook 22/8/19

The podcasts are thrilling, poignant and a great tribute to a generation that must never be forgotten.


Glen Marshall, UK email 20 Aug 19

I am just emailing to say how much I enjoy your podcast, it is truly fascinating. I have always taken an interest in modern history and in particular ww2, but beyond studying history for my A-levels 10 years ago have not really got that involved.

Since starting to listen to your podcasts my interest has been reignited, I am blown away by some of the memoirs you have been reading.

I have particularly enjoyed the episodes that feature memoirs, reports or letters written by those who served, aswell as your interviews with veterans. I certainly hope to hear more memoirs in the future.


Michael Thomson - Johannesburg, South Africa. Email

I recently discovered your most excellent WW2 podcast "Fighting Through from Dunkirk to Hamburg" and am working my way through the episodes, loving each one!


I have been an avid enthusiast of World War Two history for a number of years and I really must compliment you on the outstanding efforts you are making to represent the brave actions and incredible stories of these heroes in such rich and vivid depth. Your website with photos, maps and other information accompanying each episode really brings an element of interactivity to the whole story and helps bring each of the amazing stories to life.


I personally love researching the finer details of each unit's action and so detail such as the combat maps that you include on the website are right up my street! Having visited Normandy and Northern France in depth on five occasions I have been fortunate enough to see most of the places mentioned and your podcast is just a wonderful way of aiding in visualising what took place in the words of those who actually fought there.


Your conversational tone between readings also adds to the conviviality of the podcast which makes it great easy listening while at the same time being interspersed with the heartstopping and sometimes heartwrenching accounts of the mens' experiences .


I really appreciate what you are doing and of course the fact that you always take time to honour those who fought is really important. They should never be forgotten.


I sadly don't get much time to read as I am an airline pilot and work ridiculous hours and basically have to get sleep whenever I get the chance but I am definitely going to get your dad's book and it is going to the top of the long 'to read' list of books on my Kindle!


Thank you so much for the work you are doing.


Leigh Owen Caerphilly - Facebook

I’m on podcast number 16 or so (Gallipoli) and f**k me!! Reynard is a legend. As are the men who partook in that nonsense. I’m glad it was my great grandfathers and grandfathers who did. I wish I could have told them how proud I was of them but I didn’t know then



‎Gilbert Dunkley‎  Facebook

Many thanks for this awesome WWII podcast. The old soldiers’ stories are riveting.


Apple Podcasts by HPFOBE from Belgium on August 11, 2019

Touching WW2 podcast about soldiers who fought through the liberation of Europe

Having been interested ever since I was a youngster (born in ‘69) in WWII and all its aspects (humane, technological, ideological etc...), I’ve stumbled across this podcast and was hooked (I borrow this word that suits so much, from a previous listener) from the very first episode. Paul Cheall manages to bring a very humane approach to the war, first telling (and recording) his father’s war memories, then little by little other stories from listeners and people from WW2  get intertwined with his father’s. There are also views from the german side, being also soldiers doing what they were told, for the most. I strongly recommend this podcast if WWII is your cup of tea ! THANK YOU PAUL, for all the time and efforts you dedicate to this historical research, most and for all to the touching stories of the individuals inside the huge mass of soldiers.


Esther Parnam Email July 19

My daughter directed me the to your podcasts about World War 2 including your interview with Wilf Shaw. My dad Bill (Willie) Wright was a signaller in the Green Howards and landed on Gold Beach on D Day. One of the photographs accompanying the podcast shows Wilf with his comrades at Marston House. My dad, Bill Wright is shown in the photograph seated on the front row RHS. Wilf also mentions my dad 'Ginger Wright' in the podcast when recounting a couple of amusing anecdotes.  My dad was also a good friend of  Maurice Sutherland and he kept in touch with him after the war for a few years.  


My daughter and I are amazed at how much Wilf Shaw could remember about his war-time experiences and how well he related these when you interviewed him. I am sorry that we were unable to meet Wilf before he died in March 2018.  Our generation owe so much to those that served and fought for their country and especially the many who were in their formative years.  


Thank you for recording your father's war years as well of those of fellow soldiers.


David Braun Email

Thank you for taking the time to share your pops and the other veterans stories with the world. Please keep marching forward. Those heros are leaving us quickly nowadays.


From another veteran from another era.Tom Lyon - Email July 2019

I just want to thank you for the effort and the content in your show. I’ve loved history ever since I was a kid, I went on to graduate with a degree in History from the University of Birmingham and I’m currently travelling around Australia. Listening to your podcast is a fantastic way of “topping myself up” with military history, as quite often I don’t have the time to read or even access books. The personal nature of the podcast is something completely different to the usual overall narrative that is quite often produced!


David Braun - Email

Thank you for taking the time to share your pops and the other veterans stories with the world. Please keep marching forward. Those heros are leaving us quickly nowadays. From another veteran from another era.


Paul O'Neil

The work you do is amazing and your dedication remarkable. It's amazing to think that humans can be so brave in the face of adversity, your father is a pure example of this as was my Wife's grandfather Joseph Middleton with no regard for his own safety to do what he did. Keep up the good work, can't wait for your next cast. Take care from the emerald isle.


Will Leggett - Email

Just wanted to send a very well done on your podcast. I came across it a while ago and as someone with an interest in history, but particularly WW2, I have really enjoyed your work.

What you are doing, collecting together the stories of those who experienced such a worldwide tragedy is absolutely vital for if history repeats itself then maybe with this knowledge we can avoid another such war. More than this, I personally think it is crucial to hear the stories of men and women at their best when situations are at their worst, as it gives us all hope in what the human race can achieve.


Chris Ferguson Memphis, Tennessee Email

Thanks so much for the wonderful podcasts! I've been voracious reader of WWII history since I was very young. I happened upon one of your podcasts and am now completely hooked. I've made it through almost all of the episodes in the last two weeks. Wonderful stuff!


I've included a photo of my dad, Sam Ferguson, who passed away last year. He joined the US Navy at 17 years of age and served aboard the US destroyer escort DE-5 (Evarts) on several North Atlantic convoys to the Mediterranean in 1944 -45.


Keep up the great work. Looking forward to many more fantastic episodes. I actually look forward to my daily drive now!


Michael Nibbi - Facebook

Love hearing all of the interviews with Wild and his stories mean so much to me. Both grandfather's served in ww2 one in the Pacific the other in Europe. I never got the chance to talk to either regarding what happened. My mom's dad passed 2 and half years now. Thanks for bringing me a bit closer to what is such important history


Sebastien Chaveron - Messenger - June 2019

Hello Paul, I am a new listener of your podcast and appreciate it very much. I am from Dunkirk and my grand father was serving an anti aircraft battery in the french army during the war. He arrived in Dunkirk in june 1940 but had no opportunity to cross the channel. He has been taken by the germans, and finished the rest of the war as a POW in germany. I don't know too much about his life during this period, and I regret I didn't ask much before he passed away.

Your podcast is amazing, providing so many details about this period. It is an excellent addition to History, making it so realistic.

Thank you so much for your work, carry on, and if you need me to help you looking for something in northern France, I will do my best !


odaaron Podbean

Love the podcast. AOD, Waterford.


derekwhittle21 Podbean

Don’t stop doing these


simyan1 Podbean

Some really interesting and important accounts that must not be forgotten!


RNJ5Q Podbean

Thanks so much for your Podcast, for sharing your dad’s vivid recounting of his long, death defying, death witnessing service in the BEF; and thanks for your commentary and for all the first person veterans accounts you recorded; each voice takes us on his or her journey back 75 years. Their stories are so richly detailed, in turn dreadful, emotionally uplifting, humorous, and so deeply felt after seventy and a half decades. I’ve learned so much.


DQX739 Podbean

I cant explain how much I appreciate you and you ability. thank you for sharing you fathers story and the others.


Amy Bryant - Michigan USA - Email

I have been binge listening to your podcast for several months now. I drive A LOT for work and listen to it in the car. Actually, more than once, I've been so absorbed in a story that I've missed turns I was supposed to take and had to back-track. Please know the time and energy you put into research for your podcast shows. Your attention to details so every point is accurate is to be applauded. That and the obvious love and respect you have for your father and other World War II  is what veterans makes yours head and shoulders above other podcasts.


Andy-calif from United States of America on July 2, 2019 - Apple Podcasts


Greatly done with personal presentation of son honoring his father and many brave soldiers first hand accounts. Gives fresh and revealing backstories of battles and soldiers life of the greatest generation. Professional produced and the telling of stories gives me impression of what it was like only to hear news of battlefront from radio. This is a can’t miss podcast for those who want to know more about men, women and families of this harrowing time of history!


Elliot Anderson-Carroll

I am a new listener to your podcast and I must say I am really enjoying hearing the anecdotes of the war in the words of the people who were there. I think this is a really valuable history you are gathering from letters, to your dad's book and the real words from the soldiers own lips. I think these should be played to all school children to open their minds and teach them what this greatest of generations has done for us.


Respect to you for doing this and to your dad and his mates (indeed all of the guys) who fought for our freedom.


I listen to the podcasts as I feed my animals and work on my croft (small farm in the highlands of scotland), and when I am driving to and from my work as an emergency responder.   They are informative and thought provoking and have me blown away by the enormity of what they faced. I am sad, impressed and laughing all in minutes as I listen.


I hope you will continue to produce this wonderful resource for a very long time yet and I am awaiting my copy of your dad's book from Amazon as I pen this missive.


Josh Rose

Hey mate absolutely loving the podcast helping the hours at work go by much quickly especially listening to you make the history come to life in my mind. Only discovered this podcast a few days ago an already up to episode 33 and loving it still .My great grandfather was in ww2 but not much of his history is available due to him changing his name an age but we have tracked a lot on his background still finding other things make it tricky anyway keep up the excellent work

Ballarat Australia


Kade Oswald Email

Im from California USA and I'm 15, I love all of your podcasts, unfortunately I just started listening so I'm still in the first few episodes. Anyways I hope you know that you know that I love your work.


Tristan Smith on Facebook

Hi Paul being a trucker myself I listen to your podcasts a lot – I used to love reading ww2 books when younger but don’t get enough time nowadays – so listening to podcasts is the way forward for me!


Amanda Smith, Georgia, USA, Email

I just want to say thank you for doing this podcast. There is nothing like hearing war stories from those who were actually there. Hello from Georgia,USA


This has been one amazing podcast series. I plan on buying your book. It's so amazing to know the kind of men that died for the right cause.  Please keep up the good work and I hope to send some money your way soon. Thanks again for keeping me occupied whilst I work. Kelly Cole, gmail


Heroes -  in iTunes by notbychance from UK on February 3, 2019

Good podcast. Real life stories of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Humble, brave people - with the same weaknesses, fears we all have and yet overcame them to perform on the battlefield, air and sea. Well done for collecting these stories and 'Thank you for your service' as the Americans would say, to these heroes of WW2.


Amazing - in iTunes by Some andy bloke from Australia on January 30, 2019

Absolutely amazing podcast


Cindy McQuaig Nessing from Atlanta Georgia. Facebook

I am thoroughly enjoying the podcast. These were amazing men and women who rose up to, literally, save the world ! Thank you for salvaging these memoirs and saving them for generations to come.


Papa_bouba via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 02/04/19 - Superb podcast

This is my favourite podcast by far. The reports from various war veterans, sorry, war heros, really give a moment of reality of what they went through. Brought a tear to my eye more than once.


Brian Gould - Facebook

Enjoy your pod cast sir. My grandfather wouldn't mention much about about the war. I was only able hear few things anytime he would start to talk my grandmother would get upset so he would stop talking.  I enjoy hearing their stories. I would love to do what you do.


Gerard Paynter BRISBANE Australia - Facebook

Hi Mate.  Keep wanting to tell you what a great job you are doing but run out of time.  Keep it up recording this history is very important work and greatly appreciated.


Jewels Renee Facebook – 

Maj. Robert N Reavis U.S Military Army Air Corp

I just discovered your podcast last week. I haul horses and drive at least 12 hours a day, two to four times a week. My grandpa Robert Reavis was a test pilot. I was so young when I heard his stories a million times and I can only recall a few.

I love World War II history

I love World War 2 airplanes! I have made it to episode 35 and I just started listening last week.

Keep doing what you do I think it's amazing! Thank you


Andy Charlie Nanos - Facebook

Gday mate all the way from Australia. I’ve just started listening to ya podcast on Monday while I’m workin on the farm. Absolutely fantastic mate - great work you’re doing and the Gallipoli diary - crikey mate so well detailed - absolutely amazing. Fred Reynard was a great bloke especially for his work at Dunkirk. The first hand accounts from the veterans themselves is very special.

I’m right into my military history. I also do ww1 re-enactment and ww2. I’ve been to France and Belgium in uniform for anniversaries but we live and train and eat as soldiers when we do it and for ww2 I’m part of a 25pdr crew. Our gun still fires and saw action in Syria. We train a lot for that – we’re like living history. Anyway mate keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing more and more - cheers.


Poppy on youtube

What a story! great fan of the podcast from ep.1 and all that followed. Still working on the maps and routes and when these personal accounts are told and listened to it becomes a harrowing experience. Unimaginable. Usually it is told as a 'grand scheme' and 'largest operation' which offcourse it was. And usually from an american perspective. But these young fellows from all over the world treading in sand working their way up to a pillbox while under fire and with their friend wounded and dying around them is a true account of that horrible war. I hope all rest in peace and with the greatest respect to all the soldiers I say thank you Sirs for the greatest fight against the Nazi war machine. And thank you Paul for telling this story. Let it live on forever and may we never, never forget.


Jenny Lynch in USA on Apple Podcasts

This is by far my favorite podcast I have ever listened too; I sit for 10 hours a day doing quality control; and this is my go to content to help the time pass by. It is so gripping; I have been so choked up so many times; and constnatly get goosebumps all over my body listening to these stories. It is truly amazing; i love the interviews with all the veterans; and your mother she is wonderful. It is so amazing and different to hear the stories "from the horses mouth" rather than to read it in some history book in school. Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the amazing work!


Hi thank you. It is amazing and something for the family to treasure

Kind regards

Kathy and Stan


John Dady

Just wanted to say that the Captain Perry interview is brilliant, just about one of the best things I’ve heard. He sounds just like my uncles talking about the war, making light out of a horrific situation.


Johanna Jung, Sweden

Please tell Stan Perry that he really is a wise, humble and amazing man. It would be so amazing to meet him, though I don't think that will happen. But I hope he will live a few more happy and healthy years!


Nicola, Stan Perry's granddaughter.

I just finished listening to the two episodes of your podcast featuring your interview of him. They were absolutely wonderful. What an amazing memory they will make to pass down the generations.

I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. I think it's incredible. I'm hooked and will be working my way through the other episodes.

Keep up the good work and take care.



iTunes by Xj264 from USA on September 26, 2018

Love the show please keep it going anyone looking to get an inside look to the ground pounders life give this a listen my favorite episode was Gallipoli absolutely incredible from start to finish thanks so much Bill James B USA


Enveloping in iTunes by Markwitica from UK on September 22, 2018

Excellent podcast, I’ve been steadily listening to the podcast over the last month and have been enveloped by the stories.


Love it

in iTunes by Blizzard061507 from USA on September 9, 2018

I love this podcast It is the best I ever listened to and I have so many of your episodes and I love history. Keep doing what your doing.


Danny Fontenot Facebook

Listened to parts 1 and 2 yesterday and am planning a repeat of both today!  This one is for the ages - absolute classic!! Paul, Thank You So Much for capturing Captain Perry's military service recollections!!



Tom Benjamin

Hi Paul,

I hope you dont mind my message. I just wanted to say I have just come across your podcast and I must say it is the most incredible and interesting podcast I have listened to. I am only a few episodes in but I loved hearing the stories of Wilf Shaw and after a small amount of research it brought a tear to my eye to find that this incredible, humble and brave hero had passed away. I am 28 years of age and the world I am able to live in and the life I can be able to live today is only possible because of the bravery and heroics of people like wilf and your father. I love listening to all of these stories and memoirs and will continue to pass down these stories of how we are able to lead the lives we do to younger generations. Please keep up the good work, I cant wait to listen to the next podcast.

Regards, Tom



Dot McQuillen 10 Aug 2018, Email

Hi Paul, I hope you dont mind me contacting you, but I came across your WW2 podcasts on youtube.  Up to recently I hadnt heard of Bray Dunes but just recently found out my uncle, Frederick Gardiner, who died 28 May 1940 was killed on the road at Moeres just outside Bray Dunes when a group of Junkers bombed their company.  They were holding a bridgehead on the road just outside Bray Dunes to keep the Germans off while the BEF escaped to the beach.  He was part of a small Company - company C 8th Battalion Kings Own, commanded by a Captain J H Everett,  and 40 men were killed in the air raid and the wounded couldnt be recovered because of the fighting.  They were buried in a mass grave at Bray Dunes and then after the war they were exhumed and 17 of them buried in Adinkerke cemetery.  My uncle was one of the 17.  

Dorothy McQuillen.


Johanna Ljung -Email

8 Aug 2018

Hi Paul.

I recently found your WW2 podcast on Spotify and it is now what I listen to at work. I am a 23 year old, Swedish welder and sit between 7am and 4pm just amazed by the stories you tell.

Both my soon-to-be husband and I are military fanatics and even though we don't have anyone close by that have their own stories to tell I am so grateful for you sharing so many untold stories and aspects that no one talks about.

My grandparents, born in 1933 and 1937, never want to talk about what their experience was during the war. And even if Sweden wasn't active like other countries some stuff happened here too.

Sadly my grandfather passed away last Christmas and I now only have my grandmother left, I hope I can get her to talk at least a bit about it.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I love your podcasts and it really helps me getting through the day and I hope to get more episodes soon!


Clare Palmer, England, email

What a lovely archive of WW2 memoirs for future generations to learn about people's experiences. Very well presented.


Excellent and enjoyable

in Apple Podcasts by Mr Mark N4CC from USA on April 2, 2018

Every episode is exceptional. The interviews are excellent but I think the readings are even better, Paul captures the essence of every subject and situation. Mark


A uniquely brilliant living history series

in Apple Podcasts by SergeiDiGriz from UK

What a moving experience it has been listening to the awe inspiring Fighting Through WW2  podcasts. Hearing the individual witness accounts of familiar, and not so familiar, events from the two World Wars has made the history real to me in a new way. My uncle served on the Destroyer HMS Walker, and my wife’s grandfather was a Lancaster pilot during WW2; your podcasts have allowed us to connect with their world in a new way; living history. The community aspect to your work is particularly moving and impressive. I’ve shed a few tears listening to some of the accounts from your dad’s memoirs and others. Many thanks and please keep them coming!


THANK YOU SERGEI! Fantastic how the show has impacted - especially regarding the Lancaster pilot - how good is that! Paul


Bill Burnett - YouTube – re Coffee with Wilf

Thanks for a wonderful piece of oral history - it's so important that such things are recorded and preserved for future generations.


I’ve never been chilled to the bone so often - in iTunes by jonnym57, UK, Mar15, 2018

I’ve only just discovered podcasts, where have I been? I have always been fascinated by ww2 and this series of podcasts has been amazing. I’ve never been chilled to the bone so often, the stories are so thrilling and your Dad’s exploits have me hooked. I often listen while driving my truck and it makes the miles fly past .Thank you and keep up the good work.


Excellent and enjoyable -  in iTunes by Mr Mark N4CC from USA on April 2, 2018

Every episode is exceptional. The interviews are excellent but I think the readings are even better, Paul captures the essence of every subject and situation. Mark


Love your WWII memoirs podcast Paul

in Apple Podcasts by WW2 podcast buff from USA on January 21, 2018

Paul, Wanted to let you know that i love your podcast. Great way you have woven together the diaries of many individuals, not just your dad's memoirs. All are entertaining and informative. I really enjoy the way you present the readings, great podcast voice and tempo. Interesting perspectives and topics. I very much appreciate what you are doing to bring this history back to life, and of course what all of those did not just to live the events, but to take the time and effort to document them. Only constructive feedback is to bring down the mix volume when you add the tunes in, the volume changes are distracting. Thanks again Paul for the great work. Blaine - Oregon, USA [Thanks Blaine - really appreciated - and totally hear what you're saying - hang on I just gotta turn the radio down - about the volumes etc! I hope I'm recently improved on this and will be doubly sure to keep an ear on this issue always - I know from my own experience as a listener what a pain it can be if the sound levels are uneven - Paul]


Jack Bonham, email

Hi Paul - I've just listened to some of your podcasts from Fighting Through, and I found them absorbing and illuminating. A big difference to 'official' histories. I will buy your dad's book. All the Best, Jack


Nick Ryder

Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick message that I'm really enjoying the podcasts and I think it's great that you've created this resource for others to experience. Keep up the good work!


From Brian Willett, Facebook 22/2/18

Hi Paul, discovered your podcast last week and enjoyed the first few episodes. Like your Dad my father served in the Western Desert as well from beginning to end of the campaign, my Dad was with the Royal Corps of Signals and at some time was attached th the 51st Highland Div. Brian


Love to listen to your pod casts !

Terry Leppke, Facebook 22/2/18


Pretty awesome

in Apple Podcasts by Ogdens from Ireland on February 11, 2018




in Apple Podcasts by Burnsbe3 from USA on February 3, 2018

A deeply compassionate podcast. Wonderful stories, lovely narrator.


A winner

in Apple Podcasts by Sultanofswat30 from USA on January 4, 2018

Like history podcasts? You’ll love the 1st-hand historical accounts of this WWII podcast. Really appreciate hearing about the war from the British perspective. And as Anglo-obsessed American, I enjoy the British accents too.



iTunes by MauaLuGa from USA on December 22, 2017

I listen to this podcast everyday at work. The way you tell their amazing stories leaves me wanting more! Keep up the good work!


Great Podcast.

in iTunes by Nicolas richo from UK on November 22, 2017

A great personal perspective and leaves me in awe of what it must have been like for these gents. I hope to visit the Normandy beaches next summer or year after that, I’m amazed at these men.


Perfect WW2 ear fodder

in iTunes by Jon102838473 from UK on January 4, 2018

It’s midnight, can’t sleep & this came up on a search on iTunes. Could be a long night I fear as I’m hooked from the first few minutes. I’ve always been incredibly interested in the personal stories of WW2 so this is ideal. Beautifully basic and without unnecessary gumf that other podcasts succumb to, Paul you now have a new fan! If you’re ever in the Westcountry, get in touch, I volunteer at Upottery & Dunkeswell Airfields and would gladly offer a days touring around our museums and aerodromes! Some incredible WW2 history there :-) (Jon)


Paul, we love you! - xo, Elsie


Hi Paul - Your work is stunning. Thank you so much for this.

Kind regards

Mike Smith


Hi Paul - I finished your Dad's book last night. I can't say it was enjoyable because reading about what really happened to the normal everyday soldiers on the ground and all that death and destruction is not an enjoyable thing, unlike the normal glorification of all that took place in the 2 world wars. It was compelling and it was a story that told the truth about how life was. Our society today is so transfixed on political correctness and how there need to be quotas for this and that so minorities are treated fairly, that we have forgotten the sacrifices made by Bill and millions of other ordinary people, so ours and future generations could live free and happy lives. Its a great account of the trials and tribulations of war. Steve B


Re Ep 13 - Scott Abramczyk, via Libsyn

West Milwaukee High School

Wow, just wow, that was an amazing story. I would love to shake that guys hand. Thanks for sharing.


Love to listen to your podcasts

Terry Leppke – Facebook 10/2/18


Faye Pineda on Facebook

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months now and I absolutely love it. It is so exciting and humbling to listen to the stories of such brave souls. I can’t get enough of Wilf Shaw. He's always got a joke.


Tristan - I have to say I've enjoyed the hell out of your show thus far. Really riveting stuff! I was raised on the island of Portland, and many of the guys who left for France on D-day left from nearby Weymouth and the naval base there!

I get chills thinking about those young men who had the guts to get up in a firefight and give it right back to Jerry.

My family emigrated to Australia in 1989. It's a shame as I would loved to have had access to some of the WW2 sites as my interest and appreciation grew! My great grandfather was one of the last men to be evacuated from Dunkirk!!

Keep up the great work Tristan James, Australia via Facebook


Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick message that I'm really enjoying the podcasts and I think it's great that you've created this resource for others to experience. Keep up the good work!

Nick Ryder, Facebook message


Email: Hi Paul,

Can I firstly say how much I have enjoyed your podcasts, I have listened to all of them at least once, I’ve even bought the book!

Best regards, Jonathan H


Re the Bee Dunkirk little ship

Dear Paul, For various personal reasons I had put the memoir aside to read when circumstances were such that I concentrate on it.

I think you have done a brilliant job in presenting Fred Reynard's story. I cannot but wish that I had had the confidence and foresight to record the story of the Bee from him and Bill. I remember Fred so well in his blue overalls. He passed my house on his way to and from the quay and he always acknowledged we scruffy lads playing in the street. The engine room was very much his territory and one only went there by invitation. Nevertheless, he occasionally proudly showed us round. He was aware that being engineer gave him some status, he had his tea in the engine room or with my uncle in the wheelhouse, not with the crew in the forepeak cabin.

A momentous story, well told. I am so pleased that it has been so well recorded. Best wishes, Mike


Michael Nibbi - Facebook

I just finished listening to this. Amazing and heartwarming. I am listening to this on podcast addict and podbean. I love hearing these memoirs. Since both my grandfather's served during ww2. One in the pacific the other in Europe. I never got to hear their stories. My maternal grandfather passed a year ago in November. Thank you


Really enjoying your podcasts – Facebook 20/9/17

Always left with a deep sense of respect for all those brave souls

Eamon Walsh, West of Ireland


Tom Gospel email 30 Jan at 20:23

Hello Paul, I wanted to let you know that you have an outstanding podcast and I thoroughly enjoy every episode that comes out. I must admit that I have re-listened to many episodes multiple times as I eagerly await the next episode!


Amazing perspective

In iTunes by kevinkUSA from USA on October 17, 2017

This is my fourth time listening thru! Every time is better than the first. This is a great series giving the REAL perspective. I hope the episodes never stop coming. Great job!



in Apple Podcasts by John Geneva from Switzerland on July 15, 2017

Great content, presented very well


Moving tribute

in Apple Podcasts by Bluebell.Woods66 from UK on March 3, 2017

A wonderful podcast, highly informative, fascinating and emotional. Many thanks to Paul for recording these stories for posterity


D-day diary

in Apple Podcasts by Sparky sailor from Canada on February 2, 2017

Just started episode 6 and can't wait to finish all the rest of the podcasts Great stories of real Heroes I look forward to reading your fathers book Cheers from CANADA



in iTunes by Shimi_Lovat from UK on October 9, 2017

Excellent podcast. No thrills, just jam packed with brilliant content. At times very stirring.


One of my favorites

in iTunes by witty names from USA on October 8, 2017

I was driving across Montana and stopped to download a few new podcasts. I downloaded an episode of the show to try it out. When the episode I downloaded about the bee was done I raced the 2 hours drive to the next town so I could get an internet connection and download the rest of the show. Ever since then I have looked forward to new episodes.


Absolutely fantastic

in iTunes by ben thomas 79 from UK on September 24, 2017

This podcast is absolutely brilliant. Some of the most poignant, heartstopping and thrilling World War 2 stories I've ever heard. A candid portrayal by some really humble hero veterans. Excellently narrated by one such veterans son. It gives a priceless insight into a generation that we're sadly losing to time. Reminds me of many of the old fellas, (my grandad included) that I knew as a child. Thanks for all your hard work Paul. Keep it up



in iTunes by Redfrostie from UK on September 22, 2017

Just brilliant and sad and shocking,and has left me wanting to know more. I'm so pleased someone is telling the stories of these heroes , may we never forget them and those who's stories will never be told. God bless them all.


"Excellent podcast. I started listening last week and I cannot wait for new ones to come out. So far, every single podcast has read like battle narrative, filled with history. First-hand, small-unit accounts of individual struggles as well as the bigger battle around them. Very interesting and well done. Five stars!"  Sturmcat USA, iTunes


Wow Paul - My granddaughter and I listened to your WW2 podcast and it was absolutely fantastic. I have never heard anyone read Dad's poems and you were just brilliant. Certainly made my eyes well up.  Dad would be proud of what you had written and spoken about him.  Just brilliant Paul. Thank you so much. Rita, Email


Hello Paul, I'm just writing to tell you how much I've enjoyed listening to Fighting Through. I'm a blind person. You brought the diaries to life and I really hope you do more than 13 podcasts. I hope your dad's book will be on Audible and it would be great if you were reading it. I live in England. I downloaded your podcasts on a device called a Victor Reader stream – it’s a device for blind people. Best wishes, Si Watson


Absolutely Brilliant

in iTunes by Chuk Norris Fan from Australia on September 6, 2017

I love history podcasts and this is one of the best I've ever heard. They are a nice length and it's all well presented material. The episode on Gallipoli was one of the most interesting & certainly brought history to life. Well done Paul!


Dear Paul, I wanted to write to say thank you to your father and his comrades who fought in the War.  I found the podcast on iTunes and it is stunning. I am listening to it now with tears in my eyes …   Thank you, Victoria P - Brisbane,  Australia.


What a lovely story

it brought back memories of my Dad as he was in the BEF and was rescued from Dunkirk. He was in the Royal Engineers and later joined the Dunkirk Veterans, which sadly disbanded due to few still alive. My Dad wrote a few poems which I treasure. If you would like to have a copy I would gladly send to you. Yours Rita Cooper


I have been enjoying your podcast and have looked into buying the book. I can't find it in Audible or audio format. The type of work I do, I listen to books and podcasts most of my work day while I perform other duties.  Is there an audio format? Is one in process?

May I suggest that you record the book in Audible if you don't have this in process at this time. I don't know how it's done, but I've listened to a book recently where the author recorded the book himself and published it on Audible. Regards, Abby Wheeler


Name: James Williams via UK Podcasters Email:

“I want to express my thanks to you for your story telling style and for the pride you so obviously hold for not only your father, but all these incredible men that made us all free today. God bless you and all our heroes alive and past. These stories are true tear making experiences. I love all our allies of WW2. Paul, your podcast & once again your style of story telling is one of a kind.

You have a way unlike other history podcasts. Thank you again.


Excellent stuff, it's amazing to hear first-hand stories. And being from Norfolk myself, as Claude is, I was even more interested in his story.

Sid White, Facebook, 12/4/17


FROM: Sue Bristow 2017 (Re Episode 10)

Just listened to this and it's made me cry. It was great to hear an account of someone rescued by grandad and to hear his letters read aloud. Reinforces what a brave man he was, and all the others who took part in the rescue


FROM: Cathy Fargher A proud episode in the history of the IOMSP Co, all due respect for the Captain and his crew  


FROM: Christine Harrison How emotional to hear this account. It felt like granddad was reading those letters. It really brought this historic time to life with granddad really in the thick of it. What an honourable man he was and all his civilian colleagues


FROM Sarah Parry 2017 (GGD of Capt Tom Woods, Episode 10)

I have been quite moved myself by everyone's response, especially my Uncle James' reaction -  he knew Tom well so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Without wanting to sound too sentimental you should be very proud of your work. What is so moving for me is to hear your father's account, the account of someone whose life was saved that day. There are so many of us who wouldn't be here had events taken a different course at numerous points in the war.


FROM Michael Wills 2017

Absolutely brilliant. You narrate so well and really bring the situations to life.


FROM Your name: John Spagnolo, Email

Note of appreciation

Left a comment on iTunes but have to tell how much I appreciated the podcasts.    My eyes are quite poor so I don't read but you have read the stories of your father and his fellow soldiers wonderfully well.     Thank you very much.    My father was in the war as well (American) and I wish I had recounts of the events of that day from his eyes and ears.     Well done...


FROM: Andy Lenton. Dear Paul,

For some time now I've wanted to let you know just how much I have enjoyed listening to your excellent podcasts. The stuff about your dad and his comrades and contemporaries has really made me think of how would I have coped being put in the life and death situations he went through..... you have helped me to realise just what a huge debt of gratitude we all owe to your dad's generation..... just ordinary people doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times.


You, Paul, have a rare talent for broadcasting, being able to draw the listener in as if he was invited to pull up a chair and share in a conversation among old friends. So please don't stop bringing us the incredible stories you come across from time to time will you?  I'm sure that, like me, your many other listeners  look forward in anticipation to seeing that little notification icon that shows that you have added a new podcast.  I'm grateful Paul for all your skill, hard work and dedication in bringing the experiences of our Greatest Generation to us. I for one really appreciate it.  Thank you so very much. Kindest regards to you and your family.

Andy Lenton.  (Former Police officer, now layabout, retired much too soon due to work injury!) Fantastic!


FROM: MnWreckingCrew

I really enjoy this podcast! I've been studying WW II history since I was very young, especially since my Dad fought in the Royal Navy. I find this very enlightening and informative. You will too!

Excellent, Interesting!


FROM: Sturmcat

Excellent podcast. I started listening last week and I cannot wait for new ones to come out. So far, every single podcast has read like battle narrative, filled with history, first-hand, small-unit accounts of individual struggles as well as the bigger battle around them. Very interesting and well done. Five stars!


FROM: Ompalompa88

I think that of you want to listen to real war story's than you should listen to this, I'm only ten and I recommend this group of podcasts!


Excellent! - in iTunes by Ranger1895 from USA on November 12, 2015

These are wonderful podcasts. It doesn't get much better than this. Thank you!


Excellent stuff - in iTunes by iggythedog from UK on November 14, 2013

First hand description of a day that must never be forgotten, simply told and well read.


Farmer - in iTunes by Crazy beasty dude from USA on October 26, 2013

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fighting through - in iTunes by emweb from New Zealand on May 19, 2013

It's always good to read such a personal account – makes the whole thing seem so much more real. Great stuff.


Pretty good history - in iTunes by Norfolk_dave from UK on May 4, 2013

Very interesting, Looking forward to the following pod casts.


FROM: Victoria Porritt Email:

Dear Paul wanted to write to say thank you to your father and his comrades who fought in the War.  I found the podcast on iTunes and it is stunning. I am listening to it now with tears in my eyes.  Your father’s story has brought history alive and your reading of his diaries is a wonderful tribute to him.  The young boys were so brave. Thank you

Victoria - Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


Dear Paul,

I have listened to a couple of the Fighting Through podcasts now, and I have to say that I enjoy them very much; if enjoy is the right word, that is, as they are sometimes harrowing. Although I have no direct link to WW2 myself, it's a subject that has long interested me, and I find your reading of your father's war diaries very moving and sincere. There are lots of podcasts out there that relate to historical events in one way or another, but it is rare to find one like yours that recounts the everyday experiences of the common man caught up in the events of that time. I intend to buy the book, but would like to hear more of the podcasts first, in order to fully whet my appetite for reading it myself. Best wishes and keep up the great work, Kevin Foster


Subject: Dunkirk

Hi, I just wanted to say I listened to the Dunkirk podcast the other week and it was absolutely fantastic. We're going to visit some relatives in Belgium in June and will be going via the tunnel, so I'm hoping to influence the driver to stop at Dunkirk and pay some respects. The podcast brought Dynamo to life - thank you. markparry



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Great podcast!

in Apple Podcasts by $$$ok$$$ from United States of America on February 4, 2020


There are plenty of military history podcasts but this one hits the spot. The stories put you right along side of the soldier throughout their struggles. Although we can never know the pain, discomfort and smells of war, this podcast gets you as close as possible to the front lines. Most history seems like Cliffs’ [study] notes on the popular stories. I appreciate the insights and the knowledge. And why is it that the British seem so casual about sacrifice in war? Maybe not casual ... stoic!! As long as they have a cup of tea first then it’s a good day to die. I thought I knew they preferred not to! I absolutely love it! We Americans are a bit more dramatic about it to be sure! Please continue to put out more podcasts whenever possible. History is a precious thing.