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Bill Cheall fought at Dunkirk, North Africa and Sicily. He was in the first wave on Gold Beach on D-Day, and finally went to Germany. Since Bill's WW2 memoirs were published, many former comrades and families have come forward with stories and diaries of their own, all connected to Bill's story in some way. Please enjoy the show!

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Love your WWII memoirs podcast in Apple Podcasts by WW2 podcast buff from USA


Paul, Wanted to let you know that i love your podcast. Great way you have woven together the diaries of many individuals, not just your dad's memoirs. All are entertaining and informative. I really enjoy the way you present the readings, great podcast voice and tempo. Interesting perspectives and topics. I very much appreciate what you are doing to bring this history back to life, and of course what all of those did not just to live the events, but to take the time and effort to document them. Thanks again Paul for the great work. Blaine - Oregon, USA

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Volker, born 1944, tells some fascinating tales about the dangers his Dad faced in returning to his home country ahead of the advancing Russians, as WW2 ended. Many family stories include a daring bid to escape from Stalingrad and escape from a train bound for Siberia.

LATEST EPISODE - 31 Child of War - Volker Wehrum - WWII

Escape from Stalingrad - much more!

Volker shares many stories about his German father and family in WWII

Volker Wehrum 2018. Tells of his relative's daring bid to escape from Stalingrad in WWII