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The stories behind the story

Great, unpublished history!

Bill Cheall fought at Dunkirk, North Africa and Sicily. He was in the first wave on Gold Beach on D-Day, and finally went to Germany. Since Bill's WW2 memoirs were published, many former comrades and families have come forward with stories and diaries of their own, all connected to Bill's story in some way.

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Established Sep 2016

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6th June 44, D-Day

One beach, two veterans' stories from 50th Infantry Division - First wave on GOLD BEACH!

14 The Last Flight of Lancaster Lily Mars

The story of Lancaster bomber LL678 together with its courageous crew, including my Dad’s best pal, Don Savage, during WW2 in 1944.

Lily Mars - WW2  Lancaster LL678 - Podcast episode

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