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The stories behind the story

Great, unpublished


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Welcome to my WWII Video page..


With each video I'm telling various stories from Dad's published memoirs at the locations actually mentioned by him.

Paul Cheall, WW2 podcaster and periscope producer, Norwich, Norfolk, Cambridge, UK podcaster

The memorial statue at Crepon, France to mark the Gold Beach landing by the Green Howards on D-Day, WW2

Tribute to a brave soldier, Rufty Hill, KIA on Gold Beach on D-Day

Visit to the renowned East Mole at Dunkirk, also known as La Jette Est or the Jetty. The East Mole was right next to Dunkirk Harbour and was where the majority of soldiers were rescued during the Dunkirk evacuation.


A poignant visit to where my Dad was evacuated on 31 May 1940.


If you're visiting, find the Dunkirk museum and you're nearly there just a mile along the beach.